Asianol Lubricants for Transportation Fleet

Grades: 220 280 320

Heavy lube oil with good oxidation stability and tackiness properties. Recommended for lubrication of heavily loaded plain bearings of metal & non metal in steel mills , axle boxes & rolling stock of railways.

Category: Axle Oils

This is a Calcium base grease with moderate EP properties and water resistance characteristics. This grease is recommended  for general purpose lubrication of  chassis greasing points, springs, suspension of automobiles.

Category: CALCIUM
Viscosity: 90 140

ASIANOL GEAROL AG oils are hypoid gear oils and are mainly used for automobiles like cars, buses, trucks and heavy earth moving machinery gear boxes and differential gear boxes.

Category: GL4
68 100 150 220 320 460

These are extreme pressure type Industrial Gear Oils, which contain sulphur phosphorous EP additive. These oils have high thermal stability and oxidation stability.

Consistency: 2 3

ASIANOL LITHREX MP GREASES are Lithium base grease with superior oxidation stability, water resistance, have anti rust and anti corrosion properties.

Category: LITHIUM

This is a 2 stroke engine oil. Recommended for 2 stroke petrol run scooters, motorcycles, generators, pumps. Meets JASO FC. Emits low smoke.

Category: 2 Stroke
Viscosity: 15 W 40

Multigrade CH4 diesel engine crankcase oils with higher VI, detergency, discrepancy and ease of operations in winter seasons.

Category: CH4

For all types of gasoline run 4 stroke 2/3 wheelers. Meets JASO MA2 specification .Having 20W40 viscometrics.

Category: 4 Stroke
Viscosity: 10 W

ASIANOL Monograde Engine oil having high detergency level, excellent oxidation stability and high VI.

Category: Engine Oils
Viscosity: 15 W 40 20 W 40

ASIANOL MULTGRADE RALLY XX CF4 Engine oils are petrol and diesel engine crankcase oils having higher VI, detergency dispersancy levels with excellent oxidation stability.

Category: CF4