Asianol Engine Oils

This is a 2 stroke engine oil. Recommended for 2 stroke petrol run scooters, motorcycles, generators, pumps. Meets JASO FC. Emits low smoke.

Viscosity: 15 W 40

Multigrade CH4 diesel engine crankcase oils with higher VI, detergency, discrepancy and ease of operations in winter seasons.

For all types of gasoline run 4 stroke 2/3 wheelers. Meets JASO MA2 specification .Having 20W40 viscometrics.

Viscosity: 10 W

ASIANOL Monograde Engine oil having high detergency level, excellent oxidation stability and high VI.

Viscosity: 15 W 40 20 W 40

ASIANOL MULTGRADE RALLY XX CF4 Engine oils are petrol and diesel engine crankcase oils having higher VI, detergency dispersancy levels with excellent oxidation stability.