• Metals Manufacturing & Processing

    Asianol lubricants for the Metal & Steel Industry help your machinery functioning without interruption and unexpected downtime.

  • Sponge Iron Manufacturing

    Asianol lubricants for Sponge Iron Manufacturing have low grease consumption and better wear protection of slip seal segments.

  • Mining

    Asianol understands the important role lubricants play in mining operations for increasing machine life and decreasing maintenance costs.

  • Cement Manufacturing

    Asianol Lubricants for Cement Manufacturing withstand the High temperatures, continuous operation, loads by the ton and cement dust.

  • Construction Heavy Equipment

    Asianol Lubricants keep your fleet on the road and running efficiently. We deliver the extra edge to keep your equipment safe and reliable.

  • Manufacturing

    Asianol Lubricants enhances productivity, by reducing Lubricant consumption, rejection, maintenance time and cost helping your process to stay competitive.

  • Textile

    Asianol Lubricants offers specially developed lubricants for all friction points in the textile industry and can endure extreme stresses and prolonged maintenance intervals.

  • Railways

    Asianol Lubricants make rail vehicles and railway facilities run smoothly, increase performance, reduce wear and extend maintenance intervals.

  • Chemical

    Asianol Lubricants provides a the right lubricants to assist you in meeting the chemical safety standards across your process chain.

  • Sugar Mill

    Asianol Lubricants are especially formulated to resist the harmful effects of the inevitable contamination with sugar juices encountered in use.

  • Rubber Processing

    Asianol Lubricants facilitate the mixing operation and improving process ability during the initial processing of rubber.

  • Retail Products

    Asianol Lubricants cater to the needs of engines, gear & transmission and brake systems to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

  • Transportation Fleet

    Asianol Lubricants keep your fleet on the road and running efficiently. We deliver the extra edge to keep your vehicles safe and reliable.

In Asianol Lubricants Limited, we celebrated four decades of life- a professional journey that started in 1974. Over these 40 years, we became a “Performance Driven Lubrication Company”.  The learning and experience through active listening and closely working with our customers has helped us to build our expertise and strong relationship with them.

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Calsoflex series of greases are recommended for any application where good lubricity, mechanical and thermal stability and rust protection are required.

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These are high quality Lithium base greases formulated with highly refined base mineral oil of high VI and are fortified with anti oxidant, anti rust, anti wear and EP additives.